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Shaam Ki Chai Board / Evening Tea Board (Pakistani)

Fuse tradition with modern times to create a Shaam Ki Chai (Evening Tea) Board!

Course Tea Time
Cuisine Fusion, Indian, Pakistani
Keyword Appetizer, Indian, Pakistani, Snacks, Tea, Tea Time


  • Bakery/Cafe Items
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Nuts and Dried Fruit
  • Cookies/Biscuits/Crackers
  • Nimco/Chewra
  • Chai


Bakery/Café Items

  1. Popular snacks that can often be found at evening tea are items that can be found at local bakeries or roadside stalls. Things like samosas, pakoras, puffs, and finger sandwiches are always well received. If you are serving something like samosas or pakoras, don’t forget to include a small bowl of its accompanying dipping sauce.

Fresh Fruit

  1. To be honest, no one ever eats fruit at evening tea but it’s always present. Use whatever you have, as it’s nice to have the option of something healthy. Also, it gives your board or platter a subtle hint of color and interest.

Nuts and Dried Fruit

  1. Set up small bowls of any nuts or dried fruit you may have lingering in your pantry. They provide a nice crunch and help fill up any unfilled spaces on your board.


  1. Chai and biscuits go hand in hand. Adults and children alike love to dip their favorite cookies or crackers in their tea. Be sure to include a sweet and savory option on your board. Popular items include marie cookies, saltines, glucose biscuits, and cake rusk.


  1. Nimco and chewra are a variety of salty and spicy snacks that are often eaten alongside chai. Everyone has their favorite, so be sure to include a few options that your loved ones can choose from. Popular varieties include khatta meetha, classic chewra, sev, and chakalli.


  1. You can’t have evening tea without tea! Brew your favorite blend and offer sugar to your guests on the side, as everyone has their own preferred level of sweetness.